Yomhibine Homebrew ????

  1. Yomhibine Homebrew ????

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    There you go...

    48% aloe gel 
    25% water
    15% menthol(in alcohol) 75%solution
    10% PG
    2% DMSO
    Y-hcl 3.5g for 1month supply

    To make the menthol solution :

    Disolve 66g of menthol crystals into 100ml of ISO and you get a 75% menthol solution....
    I have a few questions:
    1. Has anyone tried this? How has it worked?
    2. By Dissolving the menthol and alcohol am I going to boil? If not how would I go about that?
    3. Can I use this transport system for other things such as maybe a cissus rub?

    THanks guys

  2. somebody has to be able to answer one question at least. I new to this and wanna learn

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