HGH Frag transdermal?

  1. HGH Frag transdermal?

    Any thoughts on this? Would the frag not be able to survive?

    HGH Frag is supposed to be killer for spot reduction.

  2. I have heard that this is not possible.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by mattikus View Post
    I have heard that this is not possible.
    It's a polypeptide aka protein, which means it's highly sucseptible to degradation. Best method is thru im/subQ administration to avoid any protein denaturation. Also, the reason why it's commonly diluted with bacteriostatic water.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  4. Yeah, that's what I've turned up too. Oh well, thanks!

  5. well first of, have u tried injected this. Converting them to trandermal will only lessen the dosage amount to your body. Likely only 30% that will only go through. Frag is expensive, yet there is no real proof that it work

  6. WAY TOO BIG....

    It will never work as a dermal, it is a polypeptide which is huge in comparison.

  7. dont do steroids if you cant handle needle


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