Boldernone PUMP

  1. Boldernone PUMP

    Hello there

    I have half a bottle of Boldernone (epiquose) sitting next to me. I did use the first half to no avail... but thats before i realised my diet AND training sucked. Iv made some nice gains in the last month or two, just from starting a proper training and eating plan.

    anyhow, the stuff i got is only 10mc/g (is this ug??) per mL, and i only have 100mL left. so that makes it 1mg for half a bottle???? did i just answer my own question... what a gyp! wish i did the math before buying it now

    oh well.. throw it out or use it?

  2. can someone reply? have i done the right math?

    this cost me $100 so im wondering if it's worth using? i dont know if i figured out the % of AAS right.....


  3. Boldenone Uncecylenate is dosed at 50mg per ml. It is rarely used on its own and in most cases stacked with test and an androgenic oral (D-bol). Keep in mind it will shut you down and kill your libido. At 5'11 and 160lbs you could not have possibly tried and exhausted enough methods of training and dieting to consider steroid use.

  4. Wait...$100? It will be fake.

  5. Ok... i kinda guessed it was a scam, no wonder it did absolutely nothing when i used the first half (no good or bad side effects)

    It's going in the bin right now!!

    Cheers for the advice... at 160 now so I'm no where near where i want to be, i'll probably have to use some pro-hormones to reach my goal eventually, but for now i'll stick to trib, protein and lots of food!!

    PH is kinda like finding hens teeth here, I know only know of one person that can get AAS and thats only throught a friend of a friend... I asked if they can do/get anything for PCT and there like what are you talking about?? lol wont be going to them.




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