Developement of Heat and Transdermals

  1. Developement of Heat and Transdermals

    Here is a study (abstract) regarding heat and the transdermal delivery of testosterone>

    One can see that the systematic absorption increased by about 120% over just using the patch alone. Unfortunately, I do not have the full version of the study to refer to. So, we must assume that the reason for the increased absorption was from the increased blood flow to the surface of the skin (vasodilatation).

    Now, here is a link to a study about some of capsaicin’s biological properties (full text). Keep in mind that they are referring to injection not topical administration>

    The property that we see again is the vasodilatation effect. Meaning there is a great extravasation into the upper layers of the skin tissue.

    Remember, once you get your testosterone past the epidermis it enters the dermis. No mater how much testosterone or AAS you stuff into the skin past the epidermis (diffusion coefficient) whether its through the process of iontophoresis, ultrasound, mechanical penetration, or chemical penetration the process is eventually stalled by the dermis. So the rate of testosterone absorbed systematically is ultimately limited by the rate of absorption (partition coefficient) from the lower layered dermis.

    I believe that if capsaisin was implemented into a transdermal formula (.075%) then systematic absorption could be possibly be enhanced by more than 100% with current topical technology.

    So, wadda think? Lets get some intelligent conversation going. –Your Endo

  2. thanks

    Ok great, I guess I'll just let ya know when I have a product ready... -Your Endo

  3. interesting concepts...

    I have noticed that absorption seems to be good in areas of the body that are not normally recommended, and there is no irritation ie. knees, shins, ankles... whereas soft fleshy areas like back of knees, inside of forearms are prone to irritation. I've been using mostly a 70/30 isopropyl alcohol/dmso simple mixture with base hormones.

    I would think capsaicin at .075% with dmso would make for a very uncomfortable formula on soft flesh, but might be bearable on shins, etc.
    Even then, I've tried it before for joint pain and it is pretty hot.
  4. hot

    I’m real excited to try it out at different concentrations with different formulas, but probably not with DMSO for the reason you mentioned.

    I’m looking into a niacin + capsicum combination. I believe capsicum is supposed to be an anti-irritant in combination with niacin. Well see. –Your Endo

  5. I had a friend who put a thermacare heat patch over his topical and he said it work much better.



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