Is my math right?

  1. Is my math right?

    I've got a buddy who is trying to figure out how to make a boldenone transdermal. I found somewhere else that you would want to use about a gram or so of bold base a week, so around 150mg ED, and he'll be using Phlogel (I think it's called?), since I know nothing about it, I assume about 35% absorption, so he'll be absorbing about 50mg ED, coming to 350mg a week of the base. So, when taking into account that regular EQ has the Molecular weight of base at 286.4132 and a Molecular weight of ester at 186.2936, would it be correct that it would be equal to injecting 600mg EQ a week, therefore with injected EQ your getting about 350mg of base a week as well? Where's my math wrong?

  2. 150 to 200mg/day works perfectly.

    I do not want to toot my own horn but the simple fact is there is a ton of useful compounded info in my transdermal log. It was an exploration in different chemicals and their efficacy in transdermal application. Page 2-3 gets really interesting. There are a variety of formulas and methods for compounding Bold, Tren and Test base powders.

    40-day Transdermal Test/Oral Turinabol Cycle
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  3. I'll check it out. Thanks.

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