New Homebrew recipe?

  1. New Homebrew recipe?

    Anyone have any idea about the new prohormone recipe that Chemo was working on?? Legalgear is selling it, I believe and the testers were supposed to be told what was in it. I am interested in mixing up a new batch of 1T/4AD and maybe Fina/4AD.

    Their mix on Legalgear has Prop Glycol and PEG-400. What is the difference for these ingredients.

    I am also having trouble finding DMFA. I was wondering what the absorption difference would be if I subbed DMSO for DMFA. I don't want to, but if I can't get it......

    Thanks for the help!!

  2. I thnk te main differnece in the formulas is the DMFA instead of DMSO. It woul defeat the purpose of the new forml to use DMSO instead of DMFA, I believe the DMFA has a better absorb. rate than DMSO (40-50% I believe)

    I think someone posted the recipe for the new formula, its basically the same as the old one but with DMFA at 10%

  3. No, the new formula contains:

    Octyl Salicylate

    I would like some info from any that have tried this or something similar. If I can't find the DMFA, I will sub in DMSO. I will post my results after the cycle.

    I believe Dermalgear is right. It seems that there is much less interest in homebrews on the board now. I thought that was the main reason the board was started.

  4. so gtechman, what are the ratio's of each as for %'s. planning on whipping up a batch of my own.

  5. This is what was posted earlier for a short time. I haven't tried it though. I emailed Melissa at LeMelange and asked about the DMFA. She is looking into it.

    30% IPM
    15% PEG-400
    15% PG
    15% OA
    10% DMFA
    10% Octyl Salicylate
    5% D-Limonene

    I have to order some more ingredients but will wait a week or so to see if she adds the DMFA.



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