NORDIOL/4AD/7-KETO,need some input...again

  1. NORDIOL/4AD/7-KETO,need some input...again

    After doing some heavy math, I came up with an idea. I want to run a cycle of nordiol/4ad and continue to take 7-keto. I think it would be a huge pain in the ass to take 2 different transdermals. so i was thinking that i would combine everything into one solution. I figure if i want to run 400mg nor/200mg 4ad/100mg 7keto per day i would obviously have to make two bottle that would last 15 days each. I also figure that 12g of PH per 240ml bottle is good number to ensure the PHs dissolve. so if you divide 240ml by 12g you get 20ml of homebrew per gram of PH that you put in. so for the proper dosages per day i need a total of 12g nor, 6g 4ad, 3g 7keto. then divide those #s by 2 and i get 10.5g of PH total in each of the two bottles. since there are 10.5g i need 20ml per g, so i need two 210ml spray bottles. with those numbers i need 7ml of solution applied 2x per day. My main questions are: does this seem feasible and will i be alright putting on 7ml per application?? Just so you know i dont have a problem in terms of irritation with the new homebrew formula being applied 2x per day.

    I apologize for the novel, but i wanted to see if my crazy idea would work. thanks for the help

  2. Running the 7-keto will definately not hinder anything but i think it would be a waste. You will get good gains from nor and 4-ad.... Just my thoughts.. TTY
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  3. My intentions for the 7keto were not for increased gains, but for controlling fat accumulation on a hyper calorie diet since it helps restrict cortisol related fat gain. also studys have shown that its good for the immune system and memory as well. but if you dont think its gonna be a probelm doing all three, i wanted to do that in the interest of convenience. thanks again for your input

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