NORDIOL/4AD homebrew, need some input

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    NORDIOL/4AD homebrew, need some input

    I in about 4 weeks I am going to do a 4 week homebrew of nor/4ad. i want to run 400mg Nor and 200 mg 4ad, for a 30 day cycle that comes to 12g nor and 6g 4ad. my question is how do you think i should make the transdermal. Should i make two seperate bottles so there isnt so much PH in one? or if i try hard with hot water and a hand held mixer do you think i could get 18g of PH to mix in a 240ml solution? thanks in advance for the input

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    You won't get 18g into solution.Nor is easy to get in but 4-ad is not.. Your best bet is to make 2 bottles of ther same concentration.. TTY

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