Heating a solution

  1. Heating a solution

    Just trying to decide the best way to heat up a solution in order for the powder to dissolve. It's an oral solution I'm just looking for suggestions on reliable ways to do it. All suggestions welcome. Thanks Later J

  2. Well, I have heard of a stove or an oven being used, but I wouldn't use a microwave.


    1. Easiest way,
    2. give you a good size pan, put enough water into cover the container you are using, so that at least most of the solution inside the bottle, vial or whatever is covered.
    3. Remove the container from the water for now.
    4. Put water on stove to boil
    5. Pull after a very short boiling period.. just enough to see the bubbles on the bottom and hear it if you listen.
    6. Remove the container's lid before you place it back into the hot water.
    7. Solution should start dissolving if you have the right solvent for the the solute..

  3. On1mission thanks for the reply, using a microwave is def a no no. I'm just trying to find out what different methods people are using. Basically I'm just trying to find the best way to do it. Matt D thanks it sounds like a good way to go. Later J

  4. Bump on what matt said, i just boil water with glass bottle in the water and when it comes to a boil i turn the stove off and then every ten min shake and check to see if dissolved. I leave cap on though.



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