Fishy PM's and Raw Deal

  1. Fishy PM's and Raw Deal

    Lately I have been receiving an inordinate quantity of PM's regarding syno conversions.

    This may be a result of people seeking sourcing as a result of raw deal or Federal Agents seeking information about syno conversions to slow it down as well.


    We should stop providing PM information regarding sourcing and conversion specifics on this board

  2. I've had people ask me for sources. Just ignore them and tell the boards. IIRC, asking for Syno conversion info is not illegal but if they're asking for sources to buy the chemicals for the conversion than that's gray area stuff. I don't know why people go through that trouble anyways LOL.

  3. "Hi my name is uh dave, I was wondering if you could send me your home address so we could meet up and uh stuff. I need to convert some of those steroids powder to some roid sauce. So uh if you could help that would be great bro. Thanks alot bro. Bros4life.

    --I mean dave."

  4. I'm pretty sure anything that conflicts with the board rules is to be done through email.

    Personally ...I love this board!

    Much Love


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