1. cyclodextrin/transdermal

    Here is an interesting link >

    The part that got my attention was the 95% absorption rate in biological membranes. (possibly through the skin?)

    Could cyclodextrins be applied in a transdermal solution? -Your Endo

  2. There are methods that have been discussed by chemo that involve saran-wrap. The benefits are two fold; increased heat and moisture that help with the permability of the skin.

    Rather than just using a cyclo/steroid combo, I think you could combine that with saran-wrap or some kind of user friendly "body patch" along with other permeation enhancers. If all else fails reguarding the transdermal path then the oral or nasal posibilities seem pretty cool.

    What do you guys think? -Your Endo

  3. The cyclodextrins are not for transdermal absorption. You will actually get less absorption because the molecule will be too big with the cyclo on it.. Cyclo's are designed for sublingual.. Under the tounge or up the nose. They are "suposed to" get goo absorption but you can only do a max of about 25mg at at time.. About the saran wrap.. Give it a try and lewt us know.. It may burn though.. TTY
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  4. Nasal cavity

    Does anyone know what the nasal cavity includes? Do the lungs count as part of the nasal cavity? Im just trying to find the difference between an "inhaler" and a nasal "spray"... -Your Endo

  5. It stays in your nose as far as I know. It is mixed with water and passes though that area of skin very easy.. TTY
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  6. Hmm

    What is the difference between an inhaler and a nasal spray? -Your Endo
  7. Re: Hmm

    Originally posted by Your Endo
    What is the difference between an inhaler and a nasal spray? -Your Endo
    im thinking that maybe the manufacturers just use different terms. although i may be wrong. but maybe we can find more info on this as it looks interesting.

    are u gonna try the saran wrap method? if so, let us know.
  8. re

    Well the obvious difference of course is that an inhaler is usually used buy breathing through the mouth will while a nasal spray is inhaled through the nose. Ultimately it seems that both ways will lead to the lungs with probably have the greatest surface area for absorption.

    I looked into the application of cyclodextrins for a transdermal solution and unfortunately it doesn’t seem possible since the testosterone molecule would rather stay in the cyclodextrin rather that pass through the skin.

    On another not there are several things I am interested in testing... once I get the funds going. -Your Endo

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