Transdermal Melotan II

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  1. I was just reading about DMSO and it says it dissolves peptides...Im no scientist and it would probably be to extreme of a change for a sensitive peptide since DMSO is a solvent.

    But maybe it would work to some extent

  2. Quote Originally Posted by noconviction View Post
    I just received my order, and they through in an extra vile as the result of a shipping delay. I was thinking about trying to see if trans dermal would work as I hate sub injections. Any idea why this wouldn't work if I put 10 mg in like 30 mg of penetrate?

    If it would work what type of absorption should I expect ~ 40%?

    Thanks in advance.

    im so envy with people playing their peptide and juice. For me, I just follow the basic rule; "no pain no gain"



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