1. transdermals

    A few ago there were dozens of transdermal products being offered by many companies. There was trans 4-ad, trans 1-t, trans 19-nor, trans1,4 ad and several combinations of these. Now even though there are several new classes of pro-hormones there are no trandermals being offered.

    Why is that? I understand that the above chemicals are now banned but what about some of the new ones?

  2. My personal opinion is that because transdermals were not main stream the new chemicals that are being introduced are oral so they are able to meet a more broad based market. People like to just take a pill.

  3. at lot of people would sooner pop a pill than apply it to the skin, if you have kids or a girl friend using a transdermal can cause a lot of problems for kids and women i will try and find the post about young children with pubic hair because of the solution getting on them from there dads, i am a big fan of transdermals but you have too be very carefull


    Virilization of Young Children After Topical Androgen Use by Their Parents
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