Propylene Glycol MSDS

  1. Propylene Glycol MSDS

    I sprayed on my first dose, started coughing from the mist, then looked up the material safety data sheet on propylene glycol out of curiosity. The LD50, 20g/kg both oral and on skin, looks like nothing to worry about. But it says to use self-contained breathing apparatus in the event of a spill or discharge. Should I worry? I'll definitely track down all the ingredients and make a gel for my next cycle, now that I know where to get them, but for this one is there anything to worry about?

  2. I think I read some replies here a while ago saying not to worry about it, but they went away.
    I also think that my problem is the Kilosports spray bottle. It leaves a very fine mist that lingers in the area for a few minutes. I'm going with the full mixture as a lotion next time, but I think with a different spray bottle I'd be fine.

  3. It irritates my nasal membranes and throat when I breathe the crap in - it's the mist. I was just going to ask this, but since you did, I'll just sit here and wait for the replies to roll in.

  4. You know, I'll bet we get awesome absorption from the inside of the sinuses and throat mucous membranes, though. Probably almost as good as the intra-rectal transdermal idea.

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