Ok, This is the best I can figure a recipe in development for a sterile glucosamine solution.

Step 1
Use Cottonseed Oil, Peg 400, BA 3%, likely BB, and powder.

First boil water in sauce pan to use at 212 F degrees for 10 minutes. Empty water out of pan, and add 52 ml oil to sauce pan. At slow heat, bring oil to 212 F degrees, maintain for 5 minutes. Perhaps use syringe and transfer oil to pre-sterilized vial using sterial filter on the syringe and set aside. This should be sterile oil in the vial if I understand correctly.

Step 2
In a open 100 ml vial, put in 15 grams of glucosamine powder, and add 2 ml or 200 cc of BA to the powder, add 6 ml of Peg 400, and likely some BB. Transfer some warm oil if need be. Close the vial with a lid, and roll/ shake vial to attempt to dissolve the powder. If powder dissolves, filter through a coffee filter once or twice, and place inside a new open vial.

Step 3
Take the dissolved powder mix, and draw up into a syringe, and sterial filter the powder solution into the 100 ml vial containing the oil using a syringe and a sterile filter on the syringe.

Now if I understand all that I have read, I should have a sterile solution of 60ml inside a pre-sterilized 100 ml vial.
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For those that know how to do this process, did I end up with a sterile soultion? If not, what did i do wrong, or what do you think may be a potential problem with the solution?

Maybe this forum is a more approprite forum for this issue.