Sterial Glucosamine Solution>>>I'm half lost.

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    Sterial Glucosamine Solution: Recipe Posted

    Hello guys,

    I'm new to this board, and new to making sterile solutions.

    I've read bits and pieces, but I just can't seem to put the puzzle together. I have part of an idea of what to do, but to get all the proper steps in precise order, I'm sort of lost on how to exactly go about doing this.

    Kitchen Chemist has been of some help, but I still don't have the puzzle together. I want to make a sterile solution of glucosamine
    (powder used). Someone from a compounding pharmacy said they mixed the solution at roughly 250mg/ml. Said I would need around 16,000 mg of glucosamine for a total of eight weeks use.

    I would like to add in MSM as a sterile solution for 8 weeks at 200mg/ml at 14,000 mg total powder, but I thought best that each be made seperate to start with anyway. I just don't quite get the full picture in a step by step process in how to attempt to make these sterile solutions.

    Any advice or directions would greatly be appreciated. I found a couple threads on sterile solutions, but I just didn't grasp the exact step by step directions. One thing I know, MSM can't handle heat, and I'm not certain about the glucosamine and heat.

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    Ok, This is the best I can figure this.

    Step 1
    Use Cottonseed Oil, Peg 400, BA 3%, likely BB, and powder.

    First boil water in sauce pan to use at 212 F degrees for 10 minutes. Empty water out of pan, and add 52 ml oil to sauce pan. At slow heat, bring oil to 212 F degrees, maintain for 5 minutes. Perhaps use syringe and transfer oil to pre-sterilized vial using sterial filter with the syringe and set aside. This should be sterile oil in the vial if I understand correctly.

    Step 2
    In a open 100 ml vial, put in 15 grams of glucosamine powder, and add 2 ml or 200 cc of BA to the powder, add 6 ml of Peg 400, and likely some BB. Transfer some warm oil if need be. Close the vial with a lid, and roll/ shake vial to attempt to dissolve the powder. If powder dissolves, filter through a coffee filter once or twice, and place inside a new open vial.

    Step 3
    Take the dissolved powder mix, and draw up into a syringe, and sterial filter the powder solution into the 100 ml vial containing the oil using a syringe and a sterile filter on the syringe.

    Now if I understand all that I have read, I should have a sterile solution of 60ml inside a pre-sterilized 100 ml vial.
    ============================== ===============

    For those that know how to do this process, did I end up with a sterile soultion? If not, what did i do wrong, or what do you think may be a potential problem with the solution?


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