Results of Beta Test with New Lotion Formula

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    Results of Beta Test with New Lotion Formula

    I received two bottles of the beta lotions. One bottle was a little thicker in consistency than the other. Each bottle had the same amount of PH's just different concentrations of carbomer (my guess).

    I applied two pumps, twice daily, one pump from each bottle. They both felt the same when applying just that one was a little thicker.

    The skin irritation has been minimal. It definitely has more of a kick than the DMSO version. The areas of application seem to get warmer than they did with the DMSO. I've been applying the beta lotions for 4 days and my skin is not noticeably irritated at all.

    I will say that I've done numerous T-1 PRO cycles with DMSO in the past and had no real problems with lethargy (4 pumps a day). With the beta lotions at 4 pumps a day, if it were not for me being on the Anarchy Stack and having an ECA by my side, I'd be asleep as I write this.

    I'm going to back down to 2 pumps applied daily as I believe just too much 1-test is getting in my system with the new formula.

    I'll keep updating on my progress.

    Thanks Chemo!


  2. Sounds good so far!
    Chemo if you read this, how many testers do you have so far?

  3. FB, are you logging weight, % bf, max lifts, etc? How long is the cycle?

  4. Definitely keep this thread updated with the good, bad, and ugly. Pay close attention to skin irritation and let us know when it gets noticeable.

    KC -> At the moment there are 4 people testing and after they get back to me on irritation I will make appropriate changes to the formula (if necessary) and open it up to a few more people.

    For those still intersted in beta testing you'll get your chance soon!

  5. FishBonz
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    Originally posted by bow
    FB, are you logging weight, % bf, max lifts, etc? How long is the cycle?
    bow...I will be logging bodyweight but the main thing I will be keeping an eye on is skin irritation (how much, how bad, if any at all).

    It will be a four week cycle.

    I'll keep ya posted.


  6. Great updates, keep em coming!

  7. How much ph is in them and how much are you putting in /day.. As i read in the other thread we should need 1/2 as much ph to have the same effect.. Let me know.. TTY

  8. Originally posted by curt2go
    How much ph is in them and how much are you putting in /day.. As i read in the other thread we should need 1/2 as much ph to have the same effect.. Let me know.. TTY
    In each 4 oz. beta bottle there is 5 grams of 1-test and 2.5 grams of 4-AD.  This is so that each tester can not only report on skin irritation but also compare apples to apples with T-1 PRO original.  As FB says above, the lethargy set in rather quickly so that would indicate a higher dose absorbed than previous (where the average time was about 7 days until it was noticeable).


  9. Yeh i thought about that. Looking good so far.... I can't wait till I have to stop bathing in it.. hehehe .. TTY
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    Update on beta cycle.

    Well I decided not to go down to 2 pumps per day after all. I stayed at 4 pumps per day and I am dealing with the lethargy.

    I've been using the new formula for 9 days now. I have been applying on my shoulders and surrounding area. I will apply in the same spot the entire cycle. As of yet, no skin irritation at all. I did get some lotion on a sunburn on my shoulders and that burned like hell but nothing else to report on irritation.

    I have noticed the new lotion dries much quicker. With the DMSO versions, it would normally take approx 8 - 10 minutes before it was dry enough to put clothes on. This stuff is drying in 3- 5 minutes. There has not been any residue left on the skin. It seems like it is absorbing much quicker.

    After 9 days I am up just under 5 lbs with diet at maintenance and running the Anarchy Stack.

    I'll report more after week two is finished.


  11. Excellent info. The new formula is looking like a winner. I can't wait to start mine.

  12. Chemo when will you release the new formula???? TTY

  13. After I hear back from NPursuit He's the last tweak before a larger release...then into full production.

  14. How many testers did you have?? TTY

  15. Looking promising guys.

  16. Originally posted by curt2go
    How many testers did you have?? TTY
    10 local, 10 online, and 10 with the retailers.

    All of them have been EXTREMELY positive...


  17. Will Melissa be able to carry these new PEs?

  18. I have a ? Sorry if its a stupid one.

    Can you add DMSO to this new formula and increase its absorbtion rate or will DMSO do nothing in this new formula?

  19. Addition of DMSO to the new recipe would do little for absorption...only increase the skin irritation.


  20. Waiting fo this new formula is killing me.. Ahhhhhhh.. TTY

  21. Originally posted by Chemo
    Addition of DMSO to the new recipe would do little for absorption...only increase the skin irritation.


    Glad I stumbled across this.  That wasn't your original thought though correct?

  22. hey chemo when you gonna release the new stuff? im about 1.5 weeks out from the next part of my cycle and i would like to try your new stuff if its done in time.

  23. will it be as cheap as the T-gel? are u still gonna sell the T-gel?

    what absorption % do u think it is?


  24. My results so far.

    I am in my 3rd week of a T1 Pro cycle and 2 of those days have been the beta formula. The lotion is slightly thinner than the original. It is noticably warmer on the skin. Drying time seems to be slightly longer. I have been applying 2 squirts to my chest @ night and 1 squirt to the back of my knees and feet in the morning. At this point there is no irritation whatsoever.

    Props to BDC once again!

    I'll give another update in a few days.

  25. Are or did any of the betas experience that skin peel crap thats common with T-1 Pro. I know its mainly from the DMSO but just curious.


  26. 1 week complete of the beta formula.

    There has been no irritation applying to chest at night and the back of my knees in the morning. My skin has started peeling on my chest though. I may switch my chest application to my inner biceps.

  27. Since Chemo is leaving us for a while, is there any chance of getting the ingredients and ratios so some of us homebrewers can try the new mix for ourselves??

    I was just off a cycle so I couldn't volunteer to test the new mix. My wife would love for me to find a way to drop the DMSO smell though.

    Oh yeah, be safe while away Chemo!!

  28. Hadn't come across this thread till now. I like hearing positive results. I'm with Curt, because I'm getting ready to start my homebrew w/dmso and will literally have to bathe in the stuff. Would really like to try the new formula, so I'd apply less and absorb more. Come on, new formula!


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