need help

  1. need help

    OK, so I’ve read every post and thread in here about how to make your own homebrews, but I still have a couple of questions. A couple of things are not too clear when reading the threads, for instance:
    · What specifically are the oil-soluble ingredients?
    · What specifically are the water-soluble ingredients?
    · Specifically, these:


    A couple of different methods are listed for mixing the ingredients. Which one is preferred?
    · Mixing the carbomer/methycelluose with the water-based ingredients?
    · Mixing the emulsifiers with the oil ingredients?
    · Mixing the carbomer/methycelluose with the oil ingredients?
    · Do you mix all the water ingredients at once?
    · Do you mix all the oil ingredients at once?
    · Which is preferred: methycelluose or carbomer?

    Any help would greatly be appreciated, as I wish to “waste” as little ingredients as possible.

  2. If nobody else answers this PM me and I'll give you my 3 cc's worth...


  3. I does kind of depend if you would like to make a spray or a gel. The spray is easier to make. All you do is dump in ther liquids and voila... Here is the order I put them in and have no problems.. ISO,IPP,IPM,OA,PG,DMSO... BUT if you want to gel it then talk to Chemo. I never deal with the cabomer or anything. I like the spray.. Another good thing about the spray is that you can meter out ANY dose you want very accurately which I find very usefull. But to each his own.. TTY
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