Clen and Lipoderm

  1. Clen and Lipoderm

    to add Clenbuterol to Lipoderm I have to extract it from tabs. To separate Clen form the fillers of the tabs I'm thinking of the following: crashing the tabs and dissolving it in appropriate solvent, filter it and let the solvent evaporate.

    What is the best solvent for Clen? Clen is soluble in water but I can't find the saturation concentration of Clen in water. If I want to use water as solvent I need to use the minimum possible volume of water since water could take some time to evaporate. Any idea on any better solvent than water, and the solubility of Clen in this specific solvent?

    Or any other idea how to extract Clen from the tabs?
    Maybe it's easier to crash the tabs and add to Lipoderm. Does this affect absorption of Clen or other ingredients? May be it's better to add crashed tabs to Lipoderm and then filter it.

    What do you thing?

  2. Sorry for the duplicate. I was editing my post and I don't know how it's been duplicated.

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