BDC Needs Beta Testers for New Formula!

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  1. PJam, I will personal respond to your assertions. I am the Vice President of BDC Nutrition and part owner of this message board.

    1st, You should know that ALL beta testers have been supplied free bottles thus far. No one has paid a cent for it.

    2. Any beta testing where people are actually charged is done at cost or even below sometimes. Why are people charged? I'll use UCP-1 for an example. We ran initial beta testing with a small group of people to assess effectiveness through alterations of certain variables. These people were provided bottles free of charge. In the case where people had to pay, we had over 300 people use the product to test for effectiveness. Clearly we were not going to supply 300+ people with free bottles. Rather, we sold them at a very low price and received quality feedback from a good group of bros.

    3. Please don't spout off your mouth about our business practices and products without doing research, and clearly you haven't done any research because you said it yourself, "As i said i don't know this company". While I won't go into it in depth, nearly all members who make their way here are aware of BDC and what goes on here. The fact that you made your way to this board and then into the new formula section, with your only posts being bashes on something you are clearly ignorant about is a tad ironic. I will leave it at that.

    4. While we are at it, I want to address some of your other assertions made just for fun.

    "And when most supplement companies claim to hire or be the best Chemist and have these patent pending ingredients, I think some fair honest practices should be used."

    Reponse: Actually, the president of the company is a chemist and finalizing a PhD as well. In addition, we have yet to claim or file any patents for our formulas. In case you missed the idea of the board, we supply people with the information and sources to make their own homebrews. If they don't want to do it themselves, they can purchase our brew, which has the exact same ingredients.

    "For all intensive purposes, maybe the product is the best supplement ever created, but he is testing it for a reason. And he's making money on just testing the product. "

    Response: Once again, no one is making money, just not LOSING any...and often the bottles are supplied for free, so we end up losing a bit anyway.

    "He and many other companies know most bodybuilders and many young high schoolers and college kids, especially athletes will go to the extreme to find an edge. "

    We are very strict about this and have a wonderful group of moderators who help us try to keep PH products out of the hands of kids. In fact, the president of the company once, after finding out someone not of age had purchased a PH product, called the person's mother and informed her of the issue.

    "Just like most of these new Ephedra free products that are on the market, most of them are nothing more then caffine pills claiming they'll help you lose weight."

    Reponse: Yeah, for the most part you are right. It's not that they AREN'T effective for fat loss, rather, just that most aren't nearly as effective as a tradition ECA, like they claim to be. I recommend you try out San's TIGHT. Seems to be an excellent blend with great feedback thus far.

    "If it's really such a potent drug, or really almost a steroid, it wouldn't be legal now, would it."

    Actually, they are extremely potent through hundreds, if not thousands by now, of feedback from BDC, Avant, Ergo, Molecular, etc etc etc. As far as the "really almost a steroid" comment... go research something called 1-testosterone.

    "Tell me why aren't the supplemental companies products approved and tested by the FDA like the pharmacetical industry is?

    Response: Go read this.... it will answer alot of your questions:

    Questions? Feel free to respond.


  2. As far as what the second PE could be, I'd guess maybe Azone (1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one).

    Seen some good stuff about it in my pubmed searches on dmfa and other PEs

  3. Originally posted by Chemo
    I need twenty volunteers to test the new recipe.  The formula is COMPLETELY re-engineered for MAXIMUM effectiveness.  I have included two penetration enhancers that exceed or meet the increased absorption that is realized by accidental spills of other solvents into the bottle!  Unfortunately, they also meet or exceed the skin irritability as well.

    So, I need the volunteers to provide feedback with respect to the original recipe.  Areas of particular interest are skin irritation and effectiveness when compared to the original line of products.

    I will be offering 4 oz. versions of T-1 PRO (5 grams 1-test/2.5 grams 4-AD in 120 mL lotion) so that most can compare apples to apples.  Even though I would love to offer these free of charge I can't do that...since the new PE's are sold on a gram basis and are more expensive than the current market rate of gold!  The original T-1 PRO member price was ~$70 so this beta will be sold for $35 (half) + $5 for the new PE's = $40 (free shipping though)

    To the bros that want to take that step to a higher level of performance...take a step forward.  Post your reservation in this thread.

    I will need past experience with BDC lotions, current cycle plan, cycle goals, current stats, and diet.

    The beta testers will be briefed as to the new ingredients and recipe with a full explanation of what each does for the formula.  I will also include personal hints, tips, and tricks to increase effectiveness beyond that which is afforded by the new recipe.

    Hey Chemo...glad to meet you! Just curious though...Big Cat ( has his "Trenabol X" in a lotion base. I've tried it and thought it could have worked better if he had used a delivery medium similar to Avant Labs PH Gel (prop. glycol). If Cat is to have a good transdermal, he's got to change the recipe! But as you state...a lotion with penetration enhancers might just work. Transdermals REALLY tear up your skin! I usually peel for 2 to 3 weeks after a cycle...not to mention the redness and itching (GOD HELP ME!!!!!)
    JT out...

  4. Originally posted by chosen5
    As far as what the second PE could be, I'd guess maybe Azone (1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one).
    Azone is a good PE for hydrophillic actives. Not recommended for PH's.

  5. ahh thanks Jack, few posts back I posted least ONE of Chemo's new PEs:

    DMFA - dimethylformamide

    Found it at for $20 per 500ml

  6. Also of note, here are a few studies/articles I found on pubmed/ebsco pertaining to DMFA and dermal delivery in general. You'll probably have to look them up at your local university's periodicals section though...

    Percutaneous absorption of drugs.

    Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology Volume 29: Pages 55-69, 1989

    Percutaneous absorption: a personal view.

    Journal of investigative dermatology [J Invest Dermatol] 1974 Oct; 63 (4), pp. 305-8.

    Enhanced percutaneous penetration with 1-dodecylazacycloheptan-2-one.

    Archives of dermatology [Arch Dermatol] 1982 Jul; 118 (7), pp. 474-7.

    Dimethylacetamide (DMAC) and dimethylformamide (DMFA). Effect on percutaneous absorption.

    Archives of dermatology 1965 Nov; 92 (5), pp. 585-6.

  7. Im new to these boards but am interested in trying a BDC product. I have used avants one and one+ to pretty good results, so I am experienced with the topicals. I was wondering if you were still looking for a beta tester. Thanks

  8. Originally posted by pjam76
    How do you charge for a beta tester? That is about the biggest scam I ever heard of in my life.. If you want somebody to test your products, your new product, how can you charge them?

    That makes me think your company is nothing more then ENRON on drugs.

    What a scam, charging beta testers to try out, review and test your NEW PRODUCT........

    That's why supplemental companies get such a bad rap, because of companies like you. Most pharmaceutical companies have to go through tests and the FDA and then get approved.

    Supplements do not. Not always a bad thing, but when you have rip off scam artists like yourself, thats why people start to want supplemental companies banned.

    You lie to consumers and then laugh.

    Well I hope you go down, down hard.

    Charging for beta testers, what a scam.
    Sorry if someone already reamed this guy out later on down the thread, i didn't read through the whole thing. I feel like jumping through this guys computer screen and ripping out his throat. Read the first post you fuk, free of charge for beta testers. Hope someone banned this fuk!


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