High mg Homebrew

  1. High mg Homebrew

    Not sure if this should be here or in the steroid forum, but has anyone here brewed Test at 500mg/ml or above?

  2. Easily done but just a bit on the thick side (viscous).


  3. Is it just a matter of using thinner oil and a bit more bb? I know Blacklabel makes a 600mg/ml supertest, but I do not have the recipe.

  4. What type of test, esterfied is easy as Chemo stated. Base or short ester test (prop) is nearly impossible to get at this concentration.

    Try this thread for a few details
    The PH CYP's are confirmed to have similiar solubility and inject characteristics as the active AAS ester parent. Brew each of them upwards of 400-500 mg/mL as any other preparation with no special attention to co-solvent systems (1% BA/5% BB/COTTONSEED oil).

    There are no mentions of brew upwards of 500 mg/mL...it may crash it may not. Play with the so-colvents to get it in solution => nothing higher than 600 for your own good.


  5. Enanthate

  6. What is everybodys facination with high mg/mL? The higher you go, the more it will hurt. Also, the slow dispersion of the oil in the muscle is what gives you the slower release you are looking for to maintain constant blood levels. The oil at 600mg/ML will disperse quickly, leaving a knot of test which may or may not crystalize, causing some nice pain, or else it will all be absorbed too quickly IMO.

  7. That is a good point. My fascination is running 1.2G/week in two or three doses. But I also think there is a fine line between injecting too much oil and not enough as far as dispersion and frequency go.

  8. 1.2 G! Thats alot of test. At 250mg/ml you'll need 5ml (a little under actually) a week. That should be an easy split for 3 doses. Do 2ml/1ml/2ml spread out evenly. Or 2 2.5ml injects.

  9. Using 5%ba and 20%bb it would dissolve no problem but like said before there would be a little pain. I'd make it 400mg/ml and do three shots a week.


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