Help with making gel

  1. Help with making gel

    Sup bros, trying to make a gel rather than a spray for phs. I tried following chemos steps but not having any luck :

    Here's what i did :
    Added 1g carbomer to PG, DMSO, d-Limonene, i-prop

    The carbomer doesn't dissolve though.

    His instructions say
    After the carbomer is completely dissolved adjust the pH to 7.0-7.4 (with trieth) it will gel immediately with maximum thickness after 15 minutes or so.

    Add the powders to the oil soluble ingredients (IPM and OA)
    Add PART A to PART B
    Stir well...

    Using 96ml iso
    60 mL IPM, mix well
    24 mL OA, mix well
    12 mL d-limonene, mix well
    24 mL PG

    Any ideas? How much trieth would i have to add if it was dissolved?

  2. What type of carbomer are you using? I had no luck with Carbomer 934. Chemo suggested a while back that Carbomer 940 gells easier and over a wider PH range. It may be worth trying.

  3. The 934 stuff, chosen5 gave me a link to some stuff with a ph range of 5.5-12 but i deleted it. Going over that thread you just sent me thanks btw!

  4. When making a gel the order of addition is very important.

    First, add the carbomer to the PG/glycerol/PEG-400 and allow to "wet". If you are not using a hand mixer it will take up to 30 minutes to properly wet. Mix well.

    Second, add the other water soluble ingredients and mix well. Adjust with the TEA (triethanolamine)...usually it will take about 1 mL per gram of carbomer give or take a bit. It will gel immediately. I would not recommend adding the DMSO until the end as polar compounds (DMSO and i-prop) tend to make the carbomer clump.

    After it gels add the oil soluble ingredients and mix well. Voila! A lotion is born!


  5. Apprecitate it chemo! What % do i use the peg 400? Didn't even realize it was part of the mix. Here's the recipe i've been using :

    96ml Iso

    Add 60 mL IPM

    Add 24 mL OA

    Add 12 mL d-limonene

    Add 24 mL PG or Glycerol

    Add 24ml of DMSO

    I have a hand mixer aswell btw.

  6. I use the PEG at 10%...

    Most do not realize that PEG is a better solvent for powders than ANY ingredient in the mix. I have successfully dissolved 15 grams in a 5% i-prop brew!!

    The important thing to remember here is to allow the carbomer to wet in the non-polar water soluble ingredients first. These will be PG, glycerol, PEG, and even water.


  7. Thanks brotha, that will save me lots of material and time!

    Knowing this i should be able to figure out the t-heat gelling better, that was one of the emails i was talking about earlier btw. Thanks again!

  8. DAMN! Still a no go, used a mix of 10% PEG, 10% PG and 5% Glycerol and it gelled after mixing but then added 12 mL d-limonene and 50ml iso and it clumped dammit!!! Gonna try with no iso till the end with the dmso.

  9. Still a no go, doesn't really thicken up when adding up to 8ml of tri and when adding the other stuff it just thins it out even more. Getting frustrated as hell. Tried it with a gram of methycellulose and after adding other stuff it just turns to little blotches of gel at the bottom, i'm totally stumped as i'm following exact instructions.

  10. KC,
    Did you ever figure the gel out?
    I've been watching this thread and hoping to find out the answer.

  11. lol, no bro, i haven't even attempted again after my last 6 or 7 bottles were useless/
  12. :-(

    Damit KC, whats the deal man? ;-)

    What are you going to tell your boys over at

    What are you using to mix with anyways? Hand mixer?

    -Your Endo

  13. Tell my boys over at huh????
    I mixed with a hand mixer yes. The recipe i poster there was for a spray bottle.
  14. opps

    oh no, I meant "".... sorry.

    Isnt that a new board you just started?

    Hey, did you ever try the carbomer 940?

    -Your Endo


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