4 AD and 19-Nordiol Powder Stack Advice

  1. 4 AD and 19-Nordiol Powder Stack Advice

    Hey Yo,

    I have some 4 AD and 19-Nordiol Powder.

    I am going to mix the two powders together in a Dermabolics Topical Transport Matrix 8 fl oz bottle.

    I just want to know the following:

    I want to do a 6-8 week cycle, do i need another 8 fl oz bottle?

    How many grams of each powder shall i add to the bottle (or does it have to be a ratio) ?

    How often should i take it per day ?

    What supplements shall i use for post cycle ?

    Any advice would be much appreciated as i am not really sure what to do?




  2. Fair play with lack of info on this subject cos cant find much info on this stack !!!

    It can be a bit random from different people !!!

    But has anyone got a clue on the amount of grams per 4 ad and 19 nordiol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. well it depends on what you want to do. the old derm 4ad was 6 grams in a four oz bottle and the lablel said five sprays would give you 200 mg at 30 serving per bottle. people would add a few grams to the mix sometimes. if you do that your best off boiling some water then adding the transport to a separate jar that sits in the water, then add the powder. an 8 oz will last 30 days at ten sprays a day. if you put 12 grams of 4ad that would be 40 mg per spray. this link gives good info. the info is out there so i threw you a bone with this link. But do some research your questions can be found all over the place.
    Introduction to Prohormones, Part II by David Tolson some of this info is out dated but will answer your questions about dosages. look at the pct section of a.m. for a basic pct which should be good after your done.
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