Fina Transdermal

  1. Fina Transdermal

    I'm interested in going the fina trans route but was wondering if just putting the pills into the ph gel is fine. I know the pellets contain filler but will this have any effect on them dissolving in the solution? I'm looking at 10g totally dossolved. Thanks.

  2. i put the pellets between a sheet of paper foldered over a few times and then crushed them with a steel coffee mug to make the stuff into powder. i think that helped make it dissolve, even though it still dissolved more slowly than 1-test and 4-ad... plus my solution turned sort of yellow for a while when i added the stuff...


  3. If you are looking to make it really fine to get it to dissolve buy yourself a cheap mortar and pestle, I love mine.

  4. Put them in plastic ziplock bag. Place a thin towel on top and bottom on the bag and use a hammer.

  5. you can get a cheap mortar and pestle at carolina biological supply.
    Here is a link to the cheap ones****21132&

  6. I dont understand why you would be lazy, but okay, toss them in the solution. If your making it tho, why not just toss them in the IPM, let them dissolve overnight, run it thru a coffee filter, and add the rest of your goodies??

  7. I am also interested in this. What type of homebrew would work best when incorporating fina? How many tabs would fit into brew?

  8. Okay I meant IPA not IPM..but mean 'ol BD will not let you edit your post after 5 minutes. To be safe, I would estimate 35mg/ml when figuring fina, I know you can go higher, but my cow reported a burning from it when you went with higher %. Combine that with the nice sizzle from a higher % of DMSO and you have a serious fire on your

  9. lbm4life,

    You can also just dissolve the pellets in IPA and let it sit overnight. The filler will settle out. Then draw off the IPA with a syringe, leaving the filler at the bottom. You could then scrape the filler out into a coffee filter and run some IPA over it to get every last bit of fina.

    I think getting the binders out is a good idea. The binders will not hurt absorption, but if you are planning on using a spray bottle they will clog it and drive you nuts.

    You might want to look into removing the ester also using sodium hydroxide. BDC has posted instructions for this. Removing the ester should give you much better absorption, but yields have varied from 50-99% - probably should get with BDC if you plan to go this route.

  10. I'm going to use a T-Gel bottle and the question now is, should I use DMSO or not. If I don't remove the binders I would have to go without DMSO right? I'm not familiar with removing esters at all so I have to skip on that. I know it seems easy for some of you guys but its just not my area of expertise. Removing the binders sounds easy though so I might consider it. All you have to do is dissolve it in IPA and let it sit? Could I just then filter the whole solution through a coffee filter? Seems easy enough but for some of us not familiar with handling chemicals it can be pretty intimidating.

  11. Relax, it is that easy. Dissolve it in IPA, then run it thru a coffee filter or dust mask...real easy. Use a couple of mason jars, and a funnel.


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