screwed up syno conversion

  1. screwed up syno conversion

    I had converted the syno to powder but was trying to get sodiun t butoxide so I put it in a ziplock for a few weeks. the STB fell through so i picked up some lye. I mixed my powder with methal but it didn't seem to disolve all of it. I thought there may be too much powder so I added some acetone (I was out of methyl). The color seemed to get a little amber. There was still some undisolved matter in the botton so i ran it through a coffee filter. I then added 3 tablespoons of saturated lye and let set 24 hours. when I found it the next day it had turned very dark.
    I added water to it but it was so dark i could not get it to turn white. After playing with it for a few days I was able to retrieve 6 grams of brown powder from it but it would not disolve well in the BA. I ran it through a whatman to see what would happen and I ended up with a gold colored oil with a black heavier oil at the bottom.

    So what happened?
    was it the mixing of methyl and acetone?
    I had a large volume at the beginning so I had to use a milk jug to keep the acetone/methyl/test mixture in.
    Did the solvents leech something from the plastic?

    I just gave up and ordered another box of syno

  2. I'm no expert on syno conversions, I screwed my last batch up myself also. I came out with a golden color after I added my Lye. But I think you forgot to filter out the binders from the crushed syno tabs. The stuff that did not dissolve was the bindings and this should be filter out thru a coffee filter. Then you should add your NaOH solution.

    Probably adding the acetone with the Heet was not a good mixture. 1 Bottle of heet should dissolve 5 c I believe with no problem.

    I think my next batch I will just buy a kit because I destroyed 5c of syno when I tried to make test base, which really pissed me off.

    Its hard to get syno, because I'm so damn paranoid they are watching my mailbox. hehe

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