1. E-form

    I have an 8 ounce bottle of Penetrate and 5 grams of formastane. I need clarification on how you mix these. I know it cant be as simple as pouring the baggy into the bottle. Do I heat it? What do I do to mix these 2?

    Im using the E-FORM to combat gyno and cut a little bodyfat if possible. Does it call for 5 sprays on the chest ED? Would it be best if i switched from say stomach to chest every other day?

    Help me out. Theres very vague information on this.

  2. Here's some links to help with the mixing problem:
    formestane in penetrate

    Penetrate/Formestane Problem

    bigt adds formestane to epi.

    Basically shoot for around 100 to 150mg per day, and if your combating gyno then logically you'd want to apply primarily to the chest.
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