Scrotal Propionate

  1. Scrotal Propionate

    More than once I've seen it stated that test gets 5alpha reduced on its way through the skin, and this accounts for the greater androgenicity of transdermal test when applied to the scrotum... If you make a transdermal out of prop instead of base, would the ester get cleaved on the way through the skin, or would the ester last until it got into your blood? Can it even interact with 5ar with an ester on it?

  2. All the information I have read indicates that the majority of test that will make it through the skin will lose its' ester.

    The scrotum is the most effecient place to use test transdermals considering absorbtion rates, but finding a TD agent that will not make you suffer (OUCH don't try this yourself), might prove difficult.

  3. Yeah I'd really like to know what the scoop is on this. If the ester did prevent it from being active before it reaches the blood, it would be a great way to prevent localized hair growth from transdermals. This would be at the cost of some absorption though.

  4. Yeah I know what you mean about alcohol on the scrotum... doesn't feel good. Phojel should be fine though.

  5. Phlojel hurts worse, it just doesn't sting it burns for a long time and it is difficult to wash off.

    Trust me on this one!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by fatsuperman View Post
    Phlojel hurts worse, it just doesn't sting it burns for a long time and it is difficult to wash off.
    Hmm, this is good to know...

    Here's what Dr. D had to say about it....
    "I think that the acetates and props are very poor substrates for 5-aR, even if they are not as well absorbed. So no, the interaction is negligible I think, just as you suspected. Short esters are also well absorbed IF occluded with a bandage or "patch" to keep it in contact with the skin."

  7. Very interesting about the patch. This is a good option for HRT levels of TD applications. Unfortunatly this may prove difficult for the quanities required for a cycle.

  8. Which is more effective, pre plumping and grabbing myself to buff my sack to a high gloss over the stretched skin, or butter the nooks and crannies like a Thomas' English Muffin? Gloss or Matte?

    Summer's here,anyone try the Spookyderm mix of Lipoderm Ultra + Capsaicin + Nicotine + Clen to get a Beautiful ready for the Beach Brazilian type Ballbag?

  9. Ha!!

    You know, we've been out of the transdermal androgen game for a while now so I gotta' ask- transdermal test on the nuts?!

  10. for what it's worth, I put transdermal 4ad in penetrate on my scrotum for a few weeks of my cycle awhile back. It gave me a painful feeling accompanied by a shortness of breath that only lasted a few seconds, and then it was ok. Problem was, it was hard to tell if it was making any difference so i just gave up on it, but it really wasn't as bad as one would think. 1test on the other hand, I would have to strongly advise against

  11. dig around here on this forum...I put some information up.

    There is serious clinical evidence that the scrotum is much more effective area to apply a transdermal test application as any other.

    Unfortunatly, we haven't found a TD agent that is 'nut sack friendly'

  12. Id rather just shoot for a greater surface area and apply to the chest/inner lats. A good dermal matrix should get you close to 40-50% absorption anyway.


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