Marketing or the truth?

  1. Marketing or the truth?

    Marketing or truth? Specifically the last part. My thoughts are that because it is milky doesn't mean **** for dosing and that using dmso will just speed up product getting it into the bloodstream where it's not meant to be.

    Quote :

    Lipo-Solv is Yohimbine HCl dissolved in 100% DMSO. The reason QFS uses 100% DMSO for this product is to obtain the yohimbine high concentration of 50mg/ml and maintain a clear solution. Yohimbine HCl is poorly soluable in just about everything. For example it maximum solubility in water is around 10mg/ml and believe me you have to really work to achieve that concentration.

    New users to Lipo-Solv may find the DMSO itchy and slightly irritating for the first week or so of use but I promise this will sub-side and disappear.

    It was to be clear to be a solution, that means thoroughly dissolved. You solution is mikly white because it is not thoroughly dissolved and this type of pseudo suspension can have dosing inaccuracies. As well the Lipo-Solv solution needs to be clear to move through the sponge top applicator

  2. sounds like marketing to me, most people cannot tolerate DMSO at 100% strength. And they are trying to say that if your tansdermal is milky it is not dissolved?

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