How & What do I need for a homemade 1-test transdermal?

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  1. How & What do I need for a homemade 1-test transdermal?

    Hi guys great board, new here.

    Just wondering how much of what I need, I read DMSO increases absorbation. Whats the step by step guide?

    thanks in advance to any one who can help


  2. Welcome to the board.

    Probably best to do a search.

    Tons of info, I don't know where it is off hand.
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  3. Do your research please. You need to do your reading so you know what all you are getting into..

  4. I'll help you out. But please read all you can.. TTY****30
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  5. Read the Recipes forum. Then you'll have all the info you need.

  6. As I understand it, DMSO is the real transdermal agent. ISO kinda works, but no where near as well as DMSO. Seems like the other ingredients in a transdermal prep are just to make the DMSO easier on your skin (and reduce the smell). Granted, straight DMSO irritates the hell out of me and gives me a strange 'corn' smell (most report a garlic smell), no such problem with one of Chemo's gels. Some don't seem to get irritated (at least if they rotate application sites) but everyone gets stinky with just DMSO.

  7. Not true. The DMSO by itself is the most powerful of all thr ingredients. The DMSO only adds about 10-15% when added to the mix. That means without the DMSO you get about 25-30%. That is still very good absorption. But we always want the best thats why the addition of DMSO is needed.... The oleic acid is probably # 2 but all other ingredients have penetrating properties... TTY
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  8. Is this preaty much what the home brew would make guys?****44

    I noticed that on the one above DMSO was $2 extra, but aint dmso the main ingrediant bros?

    oh & i stumbled on this one too****52

    thanx guys who have helped so far & any one else who has any good answers.

    Great board

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  9. The one from powernutrition is the recipe posted here but made into a gel rather than a spray/liquid. The reason dmso is sold seperate is that it's illegal to sell in a mix already so they give you the option of adding it. It is only 24ml and the total bottle is 240ml to begin with so, no it is not a big part of the recipe (amount wise) but it is a huge absorbtion increaser. Don't bother with the avant brand, too overpriced!

  10. will 24ml be enough for a 240ml mix. If not what would be the ideal ammount?

    thank you so far!


    I also seen the 1-test powders avalible

    Which one do I go for?

    have a looksee****18

    is this the cheapest place to go for powders?

    I need a 1 stop shop for my stuff because i live outside US

    i seen a 12g topical for $100 on 1fast

    thanks again

  11. Where do you live bro?

  12. You'd want 1-test powder and they have basically the same prices as kilosports.

  13. im in europe bro

    whats kilo sports www.? address

    do they have everything i need

  14. No they don't, your best bet would be to try a compounding pharmacy in your area and see if they carry everything you need chemical wise. Order the ph's from 1 fast 400 as he is excellent at getting stuff across the border. if you need.
  15. Question

    ***will 24ml DMSO be enough for a 240ml mix. If not what would be the ideal ammount?

    This product below would be cheaper for me because of postage costs.
    But i dont think it contains DMSO in it


    thanks again to kitchen chemist & the rest so far

  16. curt2go,
    Personally, my logic doesn't lead to the conclusion that the individual absorption rates are additive. I'm not saying that my logical conclusion is necessarily correct, but do you have a reference that states that the transdermal absorption rates of the combination of solvents is superior to straight DMSO?

  17. Hal I would say that DMSO by itself would yeild better absorption BUT you will have to use allot more meaning that you will smell like sulfer from everywhere and you will have terrible breath. The addition of ther DMSO to the mix @ 10% is the perfect addition to take the mix over the top.. But for sure using 100% DMSO will yeild better absoption... But the sides are not worth it.. TTY
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  18. Originally posted by BUFF STUFF
    ***will 24ml DMSO be enough for a 240ml mix. If not what would be the ideal ammount?

    This product below would be cheaper for me because of postage costs.
    But i dont think it contains DMSO in it


    thanks again to kitchen chemist & the rest so far

  19. 24m's is enough that will give you about 10% DMSO in the mix.. Anything more than 10% you will start to get the stinky sides of DMSO.. hope that helps.. TTY
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  20. Will this product yield good gains:........

    12gs topical 1 fast

    Im not sure if it has DMSO in it

    oh and on kilosport it said that 1-test MAY cause gyno, has anyone here had that problem?

  21. Of course that product would yield good gains, it is 12g of 1-test, but you better have some 4-ad with that as it will shut you down. I'd buy a bottle of 4-aderm aswell and run half a bottle of each per cycle and you could do two cycles. About 1-test, i've never read of a case that it caused gyno but i'm not an expert on why or why it wouldn't cause it so i'll let someone else answer that.

  22. yes that product will yeild good gains but you better have some 4ad if you want to function like a normal human being. Also 1test isn't the culprit when it comes to gyno it's 4ad. But seroiusly take the 4ad with it and just have Nolv on hand in case of gyno.

    If your up for it I'd say homebrew your own and save 50 bucks. Late J

  23. hmm The homebrew is a good money saver idea, but Im in europe so the money id save would probably all go on shipping

    thats why I`m trying to find a 1 stop shop.

    I might get 20gs 1fast 1test


    1 bottle of the prohormone spray from Power nutrion with dmso

    thatll be like over $100 + shipping x2

    Oh & would proviron help with libdo loss while on 1 test, dont want 4ad??

  24. You're not gonna fit 20 grams of one test in one bottle of transdermal (even if you do, it's too much!!!). 15g's should be the max concentration per bottle. Put 10g in each bottle if you buy 20g.


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