DMSO in Penetrate

  1. DMSO in Penetrate

    Although Phlojel works super duper with the test I brewed up from Syno pellets it has been a little dissapointing when using it with test base from overseas sources.

    The main problem is that the particles are a little to large to work in phlojel, but they are too small to be smashed up by a mortar and pestle. Presoaking in DMSO hasn't helped the problem either. As a result I have had to drive the remainder of test residue through my skin using dmso.

    Because of time constraints (phlo jel takes for ever to get here), and grit issues. I am going to take a stab at penetrate with my test base.

    Here is the question, would it help or hurt to add some DMSO to my penetrate TD solution. Let us say 10% of volume?

  2. It should help absorption fairly well.
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  3. Hey Fatsuperman, did the DMSO in Penetrate work out for you?

    Test base in Phlogel didn't work for me, either. Saran wrap, duct tape and menthol chasers got me up to say, ~15% absorption... boy, what fun that was...

  4. Quote Originally Posted by dsade View Post
    It should help absorption fairly well.
    X2 I do this with my penetrate and formestane.

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