Mixing Nandrolone base and test base into Penetrate

  1. Mixing Nandrolone base and test base into Penetrate

    I dont see anything wrong with this. Is this okay?

  2. Just fine

  3. wtf is Penetrate?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mm107 View Post
    wtf is Penetrate?
    Nutraplanet's transdermal carrier matrix.

  5. Keep us updated!

    Everyone seems to have experience with test base and 4 AD with transdermals. It seems very few other base hormones get attention, so I'm very curious.

    I've heard the Eq base can actually create issues when used, and it is better to be used with an ester.

    I've used tren base with some success, but the grittyness was an obsticle using phlo jel.

    I'm curious as to what concentration you plan to use?

    And what is your calculated absorbtion %.

  6. 30% absorption
    Test Base 450 WK = 1500 X .3 = 450 mgs/week -------- 1500 X 8 = 12,000 ------- 1500/7 = 214 = 107mgs twice a day 12 grams
    Nandrolone Base: 360 WK = 1200 X .3 = 360 mgs/week ------- 1200 X 8 = 9,600 ----- 1200/7 = 171 = 86mgs twice a day 9.5 grams

  7. Is there DMFA in Penetrate? If it's similar to the old T-Gel, it should be amazing.. I had test base/nandrolone base in the T-Gel with DMFA and cut with DMSO, very good stuff!

  8. I just love the NPP/Prop stack. It is by far my fav. I'll let you know how this compares. I figure it should be on par with 30% abosorption.

  9. so you only need 12 grams of powder for 8 weeks?


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