T-gel absorption rate

  1. T-gel absorption rate

    Got a few question here..
    1. Whats the diff between Curts recipe and T-gel? Absorption rate?
    2. Is T-gel the same recipe as T1/pro/final w/o ph powders?
    3. Would 10% DMSO speed things up too fast for 2 - 12 hour dosings?

    THanks for your help..

  2. 1. It's my understanding that they are very similar.

    2. Yes. It is the same recipe without the powders.

    3. DMSO is for spills. It's not a matter of speed but amount absorbed/penetrated from the "spill".

  3. Thanx Draven. He about summed it up.. TTY
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  4. Thank guys

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