New Transdermal Carrier Solution on the Market.

  1. New Transdermal Carrier Solution on the Market.

    Hey everyone i have been in contact with a company who makes a transdermal carrier and they sell the carrier alone for us homebrewers...

    im going to eventually make a pgf2a trans with it.

    but i see everyone here making thier own carriers, this company has come out with amazing technologies to get the hormone through the skin. Take a Read.

    P.S. I have to remove all links, so i have not posted 20 posts, but i will leave the page on the bottom for even more reading. Im not spamming this place, but this is a legal transdermal carrier solution for everyone to use with thier products. They claim 40% absoprtion rate.

    Primordial Performance is offering a new topical solution for all home-brewers who wish to make their own custom topical formula. Users could easily create there own custom “pro-hormone” formula or anti-estrogen formula by adding almost any hormone or AI you want. Others have experimented with topical joint formulas consisting of glucosamine & chondroitin. Generally, any hormone or ingredient can be used with a molecule weight of less than 350. Check your ingredients here for MW

    Our topical solution was created to deliver the maximum amount of active ingredients. We created a special delivery solution called the OHV delivery system – Occlusion, Hydration, and Vasodilation.

    Occlusion - We create this occlusive layer with an invisible acrylic acid polymer. An occlusive barrier causes the skin temperature to slightly increase. This enhances the kinetic energy and "movement" of nutrients across the skin. Increased skin temperature can also help open sweat glands and hair follicles. Opened sweat glands and hair follicles give way to entry deep within the skin for delivery of the active ingredients.

    Hydration - High quality moisturizers and emollients are used to enhance skin hydration. Enhancing hydration helps "swell" and "soften" the skin for increased permeation of active ingredients. Penetration is further increased by including a light weight cosmetic oil derived from shark livers called squalane. Squalane oil mimics and merges with the skins natural sebum, and penetrates the skin incredibly well. This deep penetrating action of squalane carries the fat soluble active ingredients further into the skin.

    Vasodilation - Vasodilators are used to increase blood flow to the skin's surface by opening the local blood capillaries. The increased blood flow helps carry active ingredients away from the skin and into systemic circulation. Caution: Vasodilation is created by ingredients also known to increase photosensitivity, and may temporarily enhance the skins sensitivity to sunlight.

    This synergistic technology optimizes delivery of the active ingredients through the skin. This is accomplished without any uncomfortable skin irritation, unpleasant odor, or residue. Rest assured that you are using the most scientifically advanced transdermal formula with the safest and highest quality ingredients.

    P.S.S. even if you dont want to buy it, just read the science behind it, might help you in your journey.
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  2. Isn't 350 kind of low for a carrier? It doesn't sound very promising.

  3. Your better off injecting your PGF2a. Dermal PGF2 is probably only around 25% as effective as IM or Sub-Q injections.

    I'm currently IM injecting 2.5mg 3x ED. It is still to early to tell whether or not Im injects are optimal, but fromt he information I have gathered by talking with those experienced with PGF2a, IM injection are the only way to go. I've been IM injecting since the 03/03, so I should really start seeing good results within the next few days.

    Check my log for more details:

    I'm around day 50 or so for this cycle as of today ...

  4. hmmm, i always wanted to do the IM injections, but the sides make me wonder if its worth it.

    and 350 being low? i dont think its that low? Tren Base has a less molecular weight then 350,

  5. To mods: Thank you for just editing out the link, i understand the rules, and i appreciate you keeping the thread alive



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