My Transdermal Calculations

  1. My Transdermal Calculations

    Hey everyone been reading like a MOFO on all the great trandermal info.....I ran mostly Super One Plus from Advant and loved it now with nothing around I'm wanting to do a cycle of Phlogel Ultra mixed with Test and Tren power for research purposes.....I'm having a bro who is a Pharmacist do the compounding for me I just wondering how the numbers should end up looking....10.46g Test....7.1g Tren base....60ml syringes....I bought a 500g bottle of Phlogel I figure I will break up the Phlogel into to cycles....Any help would be great....Jacobsmoke

  2. My only input is I would mix them separatly, just incase you need to stop one unexpectedly.

  3. Funny you say that lab rat has never used Tren so I was a little leary of it ....I was thinking of mixing up some just Test and some with both since I think I have alot more matrix then material....see how the Test works with dosing and absorb if all is good then maybe give the rat the other mixture....Jacobsmoke

  4. 10.46g Test....7.1g Tren base

    sounds like just about perfect quanities for a 6 week td cycle assuming 25% absorbtion

    Remember the focus should be to get the particles as small as possible for compounding.

    Are you going to pre solubulize the powders in DMSO, to keep them from being to gritty?

  5. Hey Super my bro was going to follow the phlogel sites compounding can download them in PDF format @ their site...actually very good bro being a Pharmacist by trade says he compounds meds all the time for patients using phlogel actually.... so I assume he will be using some sort of cutting agent...this is the quantities my bro told me to purchase so I trusted his advice since he is mixing...I was thinking of a 4 week cycle to start with just Test and Nolva alongside to minimize the Estrogen conversion of just Test....I'm a little leary of the Tren I've never used something as anabolic as it....I guess I'm being a bit of a *****..LOL...Jacobsmoke

  6. Bro, there is a company called primordial performance, they sell thier carrier solution, supposed to get 40% abosrption rate with base hormones....

  7. was that 10.46 gram amount for the entire cycle?


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