What happened to my transdermal?

  1. What happened to my transdermal?

    I stored some transdermal (alcohol, DMSO, veggie oil, hormone) in a plastic ziploc bag. Its been fine for about 3 weeks now. I went away for a couple days so I lowered the heat down to 55F. Today I looked at the bag and on the outside of it there was a bunch of crystals. Is that the dmso carrying everything out of the bag? I also noticed a small leak in the corner of the bag while I was transfering everything into another container. I know dmso crystallizes at 67F.

    Is it possible for the dermal to go through plastic? Or did the dermal cause the plastic to break which it then leaked out and crystallized? Is my dermal still ok?

    Thanks for any help guys.

  2. Yep,

    The crystals are your DMSO. I dunno what happened to your bag. It sounds like it was able to get through the bag some how. I wonder if the vegitable oil caused your bag to break down?

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