Question: Is 4ad back on the shelves?????

  1. Question: Is 4ad back on the shelves?????

    Was just at my favorite supplement shop online and saw some 4ad bottles..... is this **** back??? Is it transdermal??

    I have had a bottle of 1ad sitting in my room for a year or two now and would like to do a cycle of it...

    Is this the same 4ad as before? WIll it still be an effective stack?

    please get me back in the loop so i can start my researching

  2. It is NOT 4AD, it is merely a scam using another name for DHEA as the active.

  3. Not a complete scam. Their documentation states that their 4-AD product will convert to the same compound as the old product Andro. A user on this board made a log with bloodwork every few days and it looks like it actually did convert to test at about the same rate you might expect from Andro. So the product does what it is supposed to do (based on the bloodwork posted) but the name is misleading.

    The results from this product gives me some hope for their 1AD product since their documentation claims that it will convert into actual 1AD.

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