Getting rid of the DMSO "smell"

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  1. HaHa, yeh, be extra careful ! After cutting the DMSO dose down to 1mL per day, I don't even notice the DMSO induced breath, although I hear that over a long enough timeline, one becomes immune to it. In any case, I no longer find my 'mind in disturbia' everytime I am around other people, watching their expressions out of the corner of my eye to see if they make a 'thizz face' lol

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    Thats revealing. Obviously the DMSO and maybe the TDS is still active after all that time. Wow. What else could it be? I would not apply anything in the same area then. That must taste awful!

  2. this question is fair game to everyone, what is the efficacy of d-limonene in equalizing out the dmso related odor ?

    in order to combat the dmso odor, i just purchased some d-limonine for fragrance enhancing properties. i will use it at 5% total volume. have you ever used d-limonine to kill the skin odor from dmso? i think this might be the panacea i have been looking for

  3. Proven fact or possible coincidence?

    After reading your post I've been searching for any published research that says DMSO has been proven to carry pathogens into the CNS, or even any other claims that it does so, and can't find a single article on it.. I wonder very much if you or your doctors came to the conclusion that DMSO caused your problem out of speculation rather than any real evidence. Just because somebody does "X" before they get sick does not mean that "X" is what caused them to get sick, after all.

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    Thank you living2die. I only posted out of concern for you guys.

    DMSO itself is not the problem. The problem is DMSO in the presence of toxins or pathogens. The DMSO can transport them from places where they are harmless to places where they are very harmful indeed.

    " Also what volume in terms of mL were you using, how were you using DMSO, and did you suffer any stinky sides, and if so, at what mL dose were you using ? "

    This was back in 2004, not sure what % it was. I do recall that it left a red burn where I used it. And yes, I had a bit of the garlic breath, though I don't recall it lasting for long.

    I was always hygenic in my use of DMSO. The problem was that there was something that was inside me that was causing no problems, but caused meningitis when the DMSO brought it into the cerebro-spinal fluid.

    I have had no such problems with other transdermal carriers.


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