Gritty 4-AD + Phlojel

  1. Gritty 4-AD + Phlojel

    Yeah, I searched, but found no answer for my simple questions:

    I just attempted to compound my first batch of 4-AD + PJU using the baggie method described in another post here, but left out the alocohol step since it is only a 50mg/ml batch. I spent about an hour crushing and mixing it and let it sit for about 8 hours prior to loading my syringe. It felt creamy in the bag yet, the batch turned out somewhat gritty when applied.

    Is there anyway to save the batch? Will it eventually dissolve in the PJU?

  2. The batch is probably ok but no the grit wont dissolve. 4ad was notorious for that.

  3. You'd probably need more Phlo and combination of some heat/stirring.
    I'm not sure of a particular molecule/compound you could add to make all the 4-AD go into solution.
    I had that problem when I put it in to T-gel back a few years ago. I think I just put too much 4-AD into the 4 oz's of T-gel.

  4. I had that happen with some tren. I tried mixing more phlo and dmso to get it to disolve but it never worked.

    I eventually was forced to grind my bi - daily applications between two ceramic drink coasters before application. I scraped the material off with a credit card and applied it. It worked, but it was a pain in the butt.

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