Liquid nolva + t-gel?

  1. Liquid nolva + t-gel?

    Good idea / bad idea / I'm missing the point?

    Any idea if adding some of the now pretty readily avalible liquid tamoxifern to a bottle of T-1 pro would be a good idea, or perhaps clomid might be a better bet.

    I don't realy have a bad gyno problem, just a little natural from when I was a fat Bas*ard kid, but would this be an idea for any gyno prone guys out there. i'm guessing if it can get across the membranes it should be more bioavalibe, and therefore potent. perhapse good for people who want to add a small ammount to a fresh bottle of T1 pro or something to down the potential estrogen related sides a little.

    so, im I off my tree?

  2. Both of those , clomid and nolva are very bio-availible oraly. therefore there is not reason to do them in a trans.. TTY
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