Covering application sites

  1. Covering application sites

    Its been a minute since I've posted here, Happy new year everyone.

    I was wondering how you all go about covering your application sites. I want to make sure nothing is spreading around, so I thought about getting some of the larger band aid type products, but they all seem to be "super absorbent" which is not good.

    I had a few laying around, so I pulled the gauze part off, but it still isnt gonna cut it.

    I would rather not just throw cling wrap over it, that seems sloppy. I need something non absorbent, tacky, and fairly large (3x4" or so) Any ideas?

  2. Any ideas?
    No cover.
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  3. don't cover it just let it dry

    I apply in the morning before putting on clothes, waiting for the tops of the feet, top of chest etc. to dry before dressing that area.

    I apply at night, sitting on the computer in my boxers (like I am now) allowing the stuff to dry

    I also avoid contact with my kids, and wife during that time.

  4. come on guys, I know not covering it is an option, but I'd think there is a more creative solution here.

    I'm trying to be as safe as possible with this stuff around my girl and others. but thanks anyway.

  5. Its commendable that people are interested in keeping the stuff rubbing off on others.

    Aren't we we being a little paranoid though. Think of all the trouble that is gone through so we can eak out a modest absorbtion ratio.

    Exfolliating / scrubbing the skin
    Shaving areas to faciliate better absorbtion
    Placing the TD in specific areas of the body

    Once the TD agent has dried throughly and has been on the skin a few hours, I think it would be hard to get anything to transfer to anyone else through casual contact. The wet TD agent does the work of getting a rather large molecule through the skin. The dry test residue has a really tough time being absorbed thats why we used TD agents.

    If we examine the cases where TD agents have gotten on to other household members, we'll see these guys were just plain stupid about it, and exhibited very poor judgement. Like, placing a child on their lap right after application the the upper legs.

    As for you question about covering, I guess I do practice this in a way. Two of my favorite spots are the tops of my feet and my clavical area, both are covered by clothing after I apply td agents and allow them to dry. Maybe if you super concerned you should try using an area that is typically covered by clothing.

  6. I think it also depends on what TD agent you're using and how well you rub it in. For example, when I've used Dermabolics matrix for TD, you can rub it in pretty thoroughly... in my estimation, >90% of the solution is absorbed into the skin by the time it's rubbed in completely. There's still a little stickiness but almost no moisture. I don't worry about it rubbing off at all.

    Then again, if I had a child, I'd be more conscientious. But if you're using upper arms, chest, feet, etc. then it will be covered by clothing anyway. So the only area I'd worry about is forearms (or lower legs if you're wearing shorts).


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