first yohimbine brew

  1. first yohimbine brew

    I just brewed the yohimbine. I will be trying it for 30 days. Thanks to Big Daddy , Curt2go, and all board contributors for answering all my newbie questions. I just applied it to the target area. I imediately got a warm and tingly sensation. My brew has 2% DSMO and the Menthol solution.



  2. Be sure to record a detailed journal with all your observations and report back frequently!

    Also, curt2go led the charge on this goes to him and the bros that also contributed (and the ones like you that are trying it). 


  3. Glad to see you finally got it going. I have been waiting for chemo to get some yom so I could do mine. How much yom did you put in and how did it disolve. Give all the details... TAlk to ya
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  4. Man give us everyting. Is it to mentholly I didn't think so but making the menthol solution can be stinky but good stink. All the details please... I an excited...heheheheheheheh. Talk to ya...
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  5. How much are you doing 100mg/day? Talk to ya
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    I added 4.5 gm of yo. At 8ml a day I get 150mg of yo. Thanks to Curt's calculator. Very usable. I had no problem dissolving the crystals. I put them in 90/10 iso to water. In an hour they were dissolved. The yo went right in and dissolved. In fact, I got everything mixed and then realized I needed to ass the yo. I heated up the pre-yo solution in the mic and added the yo to the bottle. A couple of shakes and viola. I shower pre workout put on the yo, workout, shower and the smell is gone. If you donít work out am then it will take about an hour to get rid of the smell. Very mentholly. When applied it feels like Ben gay. I will keep a journal Chemo and keep yall posted. I have about 4 inches to lose in the target area. This should be a good test.

    How will doing 1test and 4ad effect the outcome of the yo. I ask because some say that yo makes you retain water at the target area and you may not know the true effects until 3 days after you stop using it. Doesnít 4ad make you retain water as well? Should I wait to do the test/4ad, do just 5gm of test, order more test and do 10. What is your recommendation?

  7. So did you use my recipe? The yom went in fine. Did you just add it to the finished gel or did you just add it to the water and aloe. for the menthol did you make 100ml of it or what. Your post was a little confusing... Let me know... Talk to ya..

    4-ad can cause water retention at high doises like over 300mg/day i would say.

    PS. Do you think the yom is getting into your bloodsteam. Is your body tempo rising or anything or feeling funny in any way? Let us know.. Talk to ya....
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  8. Curt2go

    I added the yom to the finished gel that I had in a bowl. I stirred it around and then funneled it into a bottle. I caped the bottle and shook the bottle a couple of times and it was fully desolved. Yes I used your recipe. Yes I used 90 ml of Iso and 10ml of water to desolve the crystals. No problems. What does the yo actually do. Meaning what should I look for to see if it is getting into the tissue. I feel energetic as hell after a killer workout this am.

    On the 4ad subject I would be getting 333mg a day. If I am targeting my gut should I even worry about the water from the 4ad?


  9. One thing I have noticed is decreased hunger and Im thirsty as hell

  10. 333mg 4-ad you may see some water gains from it.... How does the application area feel? It rubs in well right..... Talk to ya....
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  11. No problems rubbibg it in. 15 minutes and all the moisture is gone. The menthol is around for about an hour. I am now scrubbing the application site w/ iso befroe application. It seems to help. You can tell the days it absorbs better it feels more like a bengay application. I am still not sure what effects from the yo I should be looking for other than deceased fat in the terget area. I would like to know so I can tell you whether the yo is absorbing at the early part of my cycle.



  12. Not to sure man. I've never used a topical fat gel so i'm not to sure how it works exactly.I do know that like you said you may gain water in that area and won't see the total results until after a few days once your off. Talk to ya
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  13. Hows it going????
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  14. Bump, any update?

  15. Maybe it killed him or something?

  16. Originally posted by YellowJacket
    Maybe it killed him or something?

    LOL, he used Curt's formular, not mine.

    I think it was all a diabolical scheme by Curt to knock us off one by one

  17. Originally posted by ndn diablo


    LOL, he used Curt's formular, not mine.

    I think it was all a diabolical scheme by Curt to knock us off one by one
    No kiding, Glad I didnt accept that free trail 1-Test cycle he offered me....hard to tell what it was laced with...

  18. I did not die. Thank you . I did however have a new child born and thenall bets were off. I did manage to loose 1 1/4 inches before I quit and that was without stricked cardio or diet. So, curts formula does work. You have to wait for the water to come off before you relize the full effect.


    Good job curt2go

  19. I believe that congratulations are in order for your new-born baby so...





    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  20. I never had any doubt.. hehehee. Talk to ya..
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