yohimbine did not desolve

  1. Angry yohimbine did not desolve

    I mixed th yo in warm water and thought it was desolved but obviously it was not . It seperated once it was in the bottle with the other ingrediants over night. Here is the recipe I have used before without a problem:

    48% aloe
    25% water
    15% menthol(in alcohol) solution
    10% PG
    2% DMSO
    Y-hcl 7g for 1month supply...

    What do you suggest I do with it now. When it squirts out it has clumps of yo in it that really do not rub in at all. What do yall think. Chemo? Curt2go?  anyone?


    Thanks in advance for the help


  2. Don't know if this will help or not as your bottle is mixed up already, when i make it i put y-hcl in first with dmso, menthol mix, and ipm (15%) and heat it till it's all liquid. It will never become a clear liquid like ph's look like when they are dissolved. I think chemo mentioned peg 400 to help ingredients mix, can't remember at what % of recipe though. Do you heat bottle up before use?

  3. I havent tried heating it up in the bottle. You want me to put it in the nucer?

  4. No, use hot water

  5. Hey chemist


    Have you ever doen tren in a homebrew.

    I have the yo bottle in the hot water now. I will let you know how it turns out..

  6. No sorry bro, i've made test enanthate and EQ but not tren. The hot water should thin the solution and make it easier to dispense. May be a pain but atleast you may be able to use it again.

  7. Can you give me a link about making HB EQ anf testE. Where do you get the powder or what ever the EQ comes from. Not asking for a source but I would love to have the knowledge on how. Point me in the right direction, Bro. I am in the US Army and I assume it would save me alot of coin, if you know what I mean.

  8. http://www.anabolicminds.com/forum/s...&thread****4700 is my link on how to make test enanthate but EQ could be made the exact same way, same ratios of ingredients. Most powders come from china, and are illegal to import just like juice. Domestic sources are hard to come by, both canadian and american.
  9. Thumbs up

    Thanks chemist

  10. No prob bro!


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