Brew Solution?

  1. Brew Solution?

    I was wondering if any of you know the solution used in homeopathy. Many of the remedies are absorbed through the membrane under the tongue. Can this same method using the same solution, but with a ph, work well?

  2. As in complexing the PH with some cyclodextrin?


  3. Cyclos are the only sublingual right? talk to ya
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  4. Right...which is beyond the scope of normal "kitchen" chemistry...


  5. Ah, I see. So, it cannot be made into a home brew, but if I got my hands on some of this stuff...think it would be alright to experiment a little or has someone already tried?

  6. Actually, b4 I assume that this stuff is cyclodextrin...can you tell me some of the physical properties of cyclodextrin? The solution I'm thinking of, is a liquid, and has alcohol(sp?)...


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