test base/boldenone base transdermal

  1. test base/boldenone base transdermal

    Going to give the transdermal route a try. Guess I'm tired of being a pin-cushion. Anyway, I will be getting 25grams of each shortly and I wanted to get some feedback from the experts as to the solubility levels I should realistically expect and any other tips.


  2. Bump?

    Ive been trying to figure out if bold base would make a good transdermal.

  3. bold base will work fine. there was a "supplier" a while ago who sold a bold base transdermal. it was great very lean mass gains. anyway im waiting on pp to restock his transdermal carrier so i can make a test base transdermal. will keep you updated if you like as this will be my first time "making" my own transdermal.

  4. I have made some at 100mg/ml in phlojel/dsmo. It was gritty, What ever you use as the carrier i would start low and work your way up.

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