DMSO and used ONE bottle

  1. DMSO and used ONE bottle

    Alright who's the math guru? I have used ONE 6x2 a day for 12 days. 8oz bottle, beta. How much DMSO do I add?

    I was told 24ml for a full bottle by curt2go. 3 more days I assume 12ml so 15ml?


  2. 12 mls/day used already *12 days = 144ml

    96ml(left)/240ml = 0.4 * 24ml(DMSO) = 9.6 ml...

    So add 10 ml and you will have about a 9-10% concentration... Hope that helps.. Talk to ya


  4. Originally posted by bpdaddy
    I have used ONE 6x2 a day for 12 days. 8oz bottle, beta.
    When you say 6x2, do you mean 6 squirts or 6 ml. There is a difference.

    The Avant Lab's bottles are not 1 squirt = 1ml. They are 1.5 squirts = 1ml. So, if you meant 6 squirts instead of 6ml, then you were only applying 8ml per day, and not 12ml.

    If you meant squirts, then you have used ~96ml, and have ~144ml left (from the original 240ml bottle). If that is the case, you would want to add 14.4ml of DMSO for 10% concentration. So, add ~14-15ml.

    If you meant 6x2 ml per day, then use curt2go's numbers, as he is correct.

  5. Good catch SJ...... Talk to ya.... extra karma for you....

  6. My Bad then, I meant SQUIRTS

    THANKS, you saved me DUDE!


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