transdermal dynamics

  1. transdermal dynamics

    I was thinking, after a couple beers...and then poking through my Merck Index. that I couldn't really rationalize going through the bother of removing the acetate from tren before making a transdermal solution. Granted, smaller is better...but the acetate ester is soooo small as compared to the trenbolone base that I can't really see how the base alone is that much better. Granted, it isn't a simple problem in that permeability isn't quite liniar to molecule size (polarity, third-dimensional structure, etc)...but I was hoping that someone could help me figure out if removing the acetate would help with absorption at all.


  2. I'd like to know aswell, would be good to know for prop aswell. Means the difference between applying only twice a day to once a day which will be less irritation over a 6-8 week period.

  3. There has been people that have stripped the ester and people that have not. they have used the transdermal formula from here. The ones that stipped it off were not happy. Both ways gained about the same amount but the real kicker was when the person stripped off the ester he ended up iwith alot less tren than expected.. Hope that helps.. TTY
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  4. I was doing some research on Plo Gel transdermal delivery and ran across an article from a pharmacutical company that stated they were using Test Prop as the active ingredient for thier brand of HRT topical.
    I'm sorry I don't remember where or who it was, I wasn't looking for that info at the time, just info on where I could buy Plo Gel or equivalent, but the fact stuck in my mind..


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