Checking the purity of powders

  1. Checking the purity of powders

    I want to check the purity of my TNE powder. I have tried the melt test method, but my oven temperature fluctuates widely and I canít get a good measurement. I would pay to send to a lab, but the drawback there is obvious. Any other ideas?

  2. bow, where can I read about the oven method? never heard of it

  3. Instead of an oven I recommend using a hot oil bath for temperature control. Basically, get a deep fryer that has decent temperature control and also a good thermometer. Allow the heat to stabilize for a few minutes before inserting a small Pyrex dish with the powder in it (just a little bit). Make sure the dish is not sitting on the bottom or it will be in contact with the heating element. Begin the temp at around 150 degrees and increase in 5 degree incremements every 5 minutes.


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