possible transderm-base

  1. Lightbulb possible transderm-base

    as I understand prohormones, steriods etc. are lipotropic made from fat so it would be best to use some type of fat to get it in the skin?

    well I may have the answer

    Emu oil.... yes I can hear you laughing but cosmetic companys are buying it by the shed loads to transport vitamins and and anti-wrinkle stuff into the skin because it ploughs through the transdermal barriers carrying whatever its mixed with withit also has strong anti-inflamitory properties it works so well because its fatyacid makeup is almost the same as skin

    pleaz let me know what u guys think or if its been discussed before please post a link!!


  2. I believe BDC had already looked into this when researching transdermals.

    The active ingredient in emu oil is oleic acid as PE which the BDC 'T-Gel' lotion contains.



  3. ok cheers thought i was onto a winner

  4. Yes emu oil is like 80% oleic acid.. Thanx CTD.. TTY
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