Spray or rub?

  1. Spray or rub?

    Okay, I have my wonderful solution, and I have been experimenting with application. I know curt says to rub it in hard. Yet I also know the longer the skin is wet, the more penetration is occouring. In the morning I apply it with an oral syringe, rubbing in well. Drying time is about 10 minutes. In the evening (when I can lounge around in the boxers) I use an old androsol bottle and spray it on. This stays wet well over 30 minutes, and is still tacky up to an hour. Is there better absorption because of the longer "wet" time?

    Just a thought, I want your opinions. It certainly wouldnt help in the AM when your trying to get to work, but if you have the "drying time" is spray more effective?

  2. It's totally dry for me by the time I'm done rubbing it in hard.

  3. The PE's are still hard at work while they are moist or wet. Longer dry times would be more conducive to increased absorption.


  4. i would agree with chemo. the reason that the pg was upped to 10% was to even after rubbing hard the pg keeps the skin moist which helps the pe's do their work. The main reason for rubbing hard is to raise the skin temp as it has a impact on absorption as well. the higher the skin temo the better the absorption. I don't know how much it just helps. So it is a toss up but the pe's work while the skin is "wet" better but like I said that s why the pg was upped to %10. No matter how hard you rub the pg does not go in right away.. Hope that helps.. talk to ya..
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  5. Wardog,

    I believe you use 10% OS as I do, the OS does a pretty good job of keeping the skin moist as well.

    I use 10% OS, 15% PG, 5% Glyc and rub mine is good. My skin feels smoother, very slighty moist (not wet) most of the day.

    My present 2 week test recipe for this "special" homebrew is:
    35 % Iso
    15% DMSO
    15% PG
    10% OS
    10% OA
    10% D-lim
    5% Glyc

    I know the ISO % is low but I mixed the Iso, DMSO, and D-lim together and then added "H" at 50mg/ml. Mixed great. I did use a warm water bath just to make sure all is dissolved completely.

    Next homebrew I am thinking 10%PG and 10% Glyc based on BDC article on the two.

  6. How come now IPP or IPM SteveDFW?????? Talk to ya
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  7. One thing I try to do is after I'm done scrubbing in the shower is to rinse in the hottest water I can stand. I look like a lobster but I believe I'm getting good penetration.


  8. Why not go the Copenhagen route to drug delivery and just add some fiberglass

  9. i will give you 1gram of 1-test just to see your reaction when you stick it in your lip for 1 hr.hehehehe..
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  10. Originally posted by curt2go
    i will give you 1gram of 1-test just to see your reaction when you stick it in your lip for 1 hr.hehehehe..

    Thats gonna burn
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  11. Originally posted by curt2go
    How come now IPP or IPM SteveDFW?????? Talk to ya

    When I originally started I was trying to copy Paus "One" so I bought all those ingredients. Since then I have kinda experimented a bit. I may add IPM since I found it local for cheap.

  12. Ahhhh.. Talk to ya. How much does one of your bottles cost to make??? Including bottle ...
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