Shoulder relief

  1. Shoulder relief

    I tried a couple of experiments over the last week or so. My shoulders get REALLY sore sometimes. I take cissus and it really has helped, but pain relief is needed sometimes.

    I checked the molecular weight of asprin and magnesium salicylate (the active in Doans Pills) both are under 400, so I tried mixing them in Penetrate.

    I know there are fillers and stuff, but it really seems to work. I got 2 grams of asprin (I used BC powder wich has some caffeine in it too) and 30ML of penetrate. It all mixed in, except for just a bit that settles to the bottom.

    For the doans pills, I crushed 8 of them in a mortar, and added that to 35ML of Penetrate. thats 4.6 grams of active. 132mg/ml if my math is right.

    The asprin seems to work pretty good, but the Doans Pills REALLY seem to work. It could be placebo I suppose, but my shoulder sure feels better, and thats what counts!

    Maybe someone here would know a simple way to separate the active from the fillers and binders.

  2. You might be able to get the same effect from something like "Aspir Creme"'s a salicylic cream. Probably cheaper than using up your Penetrate.

    Anyone try topical Celadrin yet?

  3. Yea, I've got aspercream, but I was trying to make something that worked better. I probably wont make another batch though due to the cost.

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